Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do you believe in ghosts?

This and other photos of ghosts you can find all over the internet. I post it here only to have a pic. If you are interested to see other it's enough to enter this words in SE you prefere.

I wrote about ghosts different times. For example this post A completly new and unpublished video of ghosts (where you can see links to my posts in russian blog with videos of paranormal events). Today I read that a very interesting italian magazin writing about scientific themes for everybody published the results of the survey about "what think italians about paranormal".

I thought it was interesting to know that italians:
praticaly nobody believes in ghosts (spectres).
Many persons believe in spirits, in telepatic possibilities, in life after death, in paranormal generally (75% !).
35% really believe in horoscope.
And young persons think seriously that it's possible to communicate with death persons, spirits and other non-human dimensions.
42% think to feel nearby positive presences that help in the everyday life like angels.


  1. I do believe in spirits but not horoscopes.

    Off topic, I have a little something for you in my recent post. I know how much you hate tags lol... It's just a little award :)

  2. Thank you very much! I'll visit your blog some hours later, mmm? Now I have to earn some coins...

  3. I am surprised that Italians don't believe in ghost. Spirits could be ghost. How about the Holy spirit? It sounds like ghost to me too!

  4. I think, I used not right word to describe the phenomena. Ghosts in sense those like popular cartoons. I don't know how to call them.

    In sense we are speaking about, all these apparitions we can call ghosts, but I don't think they have the same nature. The "suffering spirits", the "protectors", the Holy spirit have to be different entities. I think.

  5. I totally believe in ghosts! Or, the proper name, spirits! I LOVE researching them, and enjoy everything about them!

  6. I fully agree with you, Suzy, it's incredibly interesting theme.


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