Sunday, December 16, 2007

Returning in the past

I found a collection of old photos from the Soviet Union and this one remembered me when I went for the first "conscious" time in the mountains of Kaukasus. The road was central, not local like this on the photo, canyon was larger, autobus was modern, but the mountains were the same. And they remain so as on this photo in my memory.

I made many photos too, but they were burnd, when my mother leaved our flat. So, there is nothing more remaining from that life.

Sometimes I find articles, posts, comments about how were oppressed those poor persons in the "Empire". I don't want to write about it. I know how was their life befor and "under" Soviet Union. This fact forgets everybody today. And I see what possibilities had common italians of my age (and even 5-7 years younger) in their industrialized modern country and what has I, a simple person, in backwarded Soviet Union. Sincerely, I feel sorry for them. I was very fortunated to be born in the Soviet Union.

But there is one thing I miss from that times. I can't explain this phenomena. We were poor yes, but we were more happy. You can see it on the old photos too. Those persons were not paid for smiles and "positive emotions". Those emotions are natural.

Maybe I was young.


  1. Ух ты! Помню я такой автобус!
    (кстати, а сколько уже заработала на этой акции?)

  2. А там не зарабатывают, там тебя просто другим показывают, т.е. зарабатываешь "посетителей".
    Не знаю я, честное слово. Зарегистрировалась и забыла. Пишет, что меня в двух, наверное, сайтах показывают, что ли. Главное, что не надо вирусных смотреть. А то я тут поддалась на "автоматическую" авантюру одного друга, так пришлось всю систему переустанавливать -один из сайтов вируса подкинул. И ведь учёная уже, а опять попалась.

  3. Кстати, очень рада, что зашёл. Спасибо. Я на русских сайтах вообще не появляюсь уже. Закрутилась совсем.


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