Thursday, December 13, 2007

Public sleeping in Japan

I was shocked in one sense when I saw these pictures. If you see those persons attentively, you find maybe only one ore some drinked or something like that. Most of them sleep without "forced" causes. Why I write here about it? Because I think, it's a great problem of modern life.

About a week ago I read about a widow of a Toyota employer, that began a legal cause against the concern, saying her husband was dead because had to work ... I'm not sure but I think about 109 hours a month more than he had to work normally (more than 100).

In Italy they speak very often about the sudden sleep that is the matter of many incidents on the road. One of my friends was with his girl after a trip, when they could sleep only some hours in 2-3 days, he decided to drive the car without go to sleep. He is not so young and he had to take tabs too. So, he finished in a hospital in very grave conditions. Fortunately he survived this incident.

An other incident I saw with my eyes. The enormous truck stopped for I don't know how deep precipice on a mauntain-road. I understood, the driver awoke in the last moment and with all power he had, pushed the brake. The truck had only the upper part of it's enormous wheels. I don't know, how felt the driver after it, maybe had never used more the car.

I'm a housewife today, but I remember when I worked, I had only one thought in my head: I want to sleep, I want to sleep.... From the moment I woke up. I wanted to have money for my trips, for theaters and museums.

What can I say you? It's sad, that we have this type of existance. We HAVE to think about OUR life a little more.

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  1. We have the answer to this here in Spain - we call it the siesta!

    Most working people have lunch at around 2pm, then have a sleep afterwards for an hour or so then return to work at 5pm.

    Now I couldn't work at a job like that any more, I prefer to be my own boss, but I do love the idea of having an afternoon siesta!


  2. In Italy there is this usage too. I think it's good invention. In summer, with this hit, it's unpossible to make something. But in the fabrics the workers have the same conditions as in other countries.


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