Friday, December 14, 2007

Existentional problems of Santa Claus

Whom you see on this photo is my new Santa. I wanted to buy one of them and this was so cute that I could not last him there in the shop. I had to go in an other city this morning, but went there too, specially, to buy his "brother". The brother I saw yesterday when came in this shop. I made a great trip to came there and it was an adventure because I had to turn back home befor 12:30 and I had only 15-20 aminutes for everything.
So I did not like the "brother" and wanted to go when I saw this one... and loved him from the first sight. Now he lives here and sees me pratically all the day:

But my poor Santa has existential problems as I discovered. He is ... completely bald-headed. So beautiful and cute, so soft and with eye-glasses too... and bald... Oh no, this life is difficult for everybody! My poor Santa! How can I love him now?????

Have you seen something like this (pic under this line)? :))) Ah, there are different beautiful glitters on that page. If you have to add one to your page.

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  1. :)))
    I love him and wan't to see him from the back side. :)))


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