Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What do you need for the perfect form

Yes, this cool invention would be the best maybe. But befor we can buy it or make it ourselves I offer you some advises (not mine, given by the last researches of italian scientists). Personally I like women as described in "Grand Mother" but for me I feel too heavy and than you can read about important conseguences in this post Weight gain affects breast cancer survival written by DEBASIS

Poll (America)
More than one-third of us say our most difficult self-discipline challenge is weight.

And so, we begin with the advises:

-fruits ans vegetables and fresh made fruit juice for breackfast. Nothing coffee or tea - till 15:00
(Mmmm... I drink them to wake up...)

-have only 1 plate for meal (oh yes, I make only 1, but about 1-2 kg)

-begin the meal with vegetables -fresh or cooked- or fruits -in this way they are more gigestable.

-eat in a quiet place, sitting

-a few salt

-do not eliminate completely fat

-more legumes

- it has to be only food that you need for your diet in your house

-in the grosserystore you have to go with the written list to buy

-ecook frozen vegetables if you don't have time for those fresh


  1. I do try to eat healthy although I have a serious addiction with coffee lol........

    Great advice Liudmila :)

  2. Till 35 years I did not think about the weight at all. I could to eat everything I wanted and in the quantities I wanted. But now.... I'm among those who think it's the most difficult self-discipline too... advises or not advises.


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