Friday, November 30, 2007

Beautiful forever -where have you to live

This is not a review, I'll not give you here advises to buy a miracolous creams or other things like this. I want to tell you an interesting fact I heared today about scientific research. And it will be a very short post.

I think that every woman over 35 will be agree with me. The most great dream of all is to maintain our faces as young as possible.

After 35 the first signs come out. First the lips, than neck and decollete, than face. We can do facial yoga and exercises for neck("Lessons of Norbekov" for russian readers), they help. We can change our mind.

Infact, first we have to understand in our subconscious that 35 and 50 is not the age to feel old. In this sence we depend on the opinion of the society. The society says that you are grandy, so, you are old. And if you are grandy at 40-45? Old too? At 50 you are finished at all. You will never find a man because all older men look for 18-25 yeas women, they dream about infinite love of this person and of her gratitude for money or piece of bread he can give her. The last case to laugh or to cry is Luciano Pavarotti and his women -2 wives and 4 daughters.

The other case for our minds is that we have to accept the time and the age. This weel turns for everybody. And an older woman with surgeri-young face is as everything unnatural. We look at those vip-s and think they are so beautiful. But we don't think they are sooobeautiful only for the camera. In this sence I think the photos of these women in real life are a good idea.

And finally to the research.
Is it true that the mist is good for the skin of the face of a woman?
Mist is a perfect idratation for the face and protects it from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Researcers controlled this proverb and found that the faces of those women that live in the places where the mist is an frequent event maintain more young as those who lives in the places with more sun. As Padan lowland in Italy.

Maybe it's time to change the place to live?

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