Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 Cup Cake

I want to share with you a receipe of a really great cake today. 1 Cup Cake, I called it. When you'll read it you will surely say that you know this receipe. In fact, this cake is known to every woman from her first steps in the kitchen. And? What I want to tell you with this post in this case?

I want to add to this receipe new ingredients that will make revolution in your home. Your family will ask this cake every day, believe me!

This cake prepared for us chef of the restaurant where the ritrit I wrote you in Lazy Yogi some days ago took place. After he gave it to us for the first time he had to make it every day than.

You have to link to this blog if you publish this receipe or prepare it.

1 cup of flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of sultana
1 cup of well-milled nuts
125 g of butter
1 bag of yeast (correct if I mistake the word)
250 g of white yoghurt
5 well-milled carrots
1 egg

mixall ingredients, put in the oven for 40 minutes 180°
You receive a cake about 2 finger high.

Mmmmmm..... Invite me when you did it. I LOVE it!!!

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  1. Liudmila, you make it sound so delicious. I must try it one of these days. What nuts do you normally use?

  2. it is so good as sounds. We did it without "special" ingredients befor. Without sultanas,nuts,carrots.

    You can put there peaces of fresh apples. I like so much apples that the flour is only to bound them.

    You can put there every sort of nuts you want/have.

    Than you can add a cream that you like. sour cream with sugar is good.

    In this particular receipe I like carrots.

    Sultanas splash them with water and take for 1 minute in microvawe oven.

  3. Sounds absolutely scrumptious....

    Since I have absolutely no expertise in the kichen, maybe I'll ask one of my sisters to do it for me hehe.......

    Thanks again :)

  4. The best of this cake is you have not be expert in the kitchen. It's enough if you know who to set fire. That is why it's the first cake for every girl.

  5. Hi Liudmila, thanks for the link love. I appreciate. You're making me hungry just thinking about food, much less dessert. Yummy.

  6. that sounds yummy! :)

    but same with ivy, no good at cooking and baking..even tho somebody told me that it's REALLY easy. Lol

    have a great day, liudmila :)


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