Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stories about blind men

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I have a family of relatives both blind so from my childhood I knoow about their problems and live. There were different specialzed schools for blind children and other organizations in USSR and my cousins were pupils of these schools.

My uncle, completly blind, had guide dogs too, but he was able to live without the dog in Leningrad that I can't understand till today. He told that there were persons that pushed him even in metro and near the autos.

Interesting fact about the dogs. They become not only eyes for the blind person, they understand to protect his friend from other persons too. And the instructors of the only school for blind men guides tell about a deaf-and-dumb blind man, that lives with his labrador for 5 years and nobody can understand how they can communicate.

Blind persons have more developed other feelings. One man, Sergej, likes to play chess,but now hw doesn't need special figures because he can feel black and white colours with his fingers. The president of the organization of blind persons says: they have 202 000 members in their organization, but nobody has this capacity.

Other inteesting story about a completely blind man from Germany that can predict the future of the person touching his/her back side. He is now soooo popular that persons from all over the world want write about him and to visit him.

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  1. Intersting post. I believe that blind people do have much more 'developed' senses than we do. As for guard dogs, they deserve some distinction as well.

    Your uncle seeme like one tough cookie. Genetic perhaps :)

  2. Now, when I understand some more in this life, I understand that my uncle was realy very special. If you think about Leningrad, one of the greatest cities in the world. And he, completely blind, worked in all parts of the city, and went there alone with his accordion on the back...

    About their dogs I wanted to write a special post in "Animals as Friends"

  3. ha..ha..He is having a great time touching women's backsides.

  4. I want to say you, Fatiah, in the ear: you are right. I know blind personы and know how much dissolute are they in this sense.

    These persons that come to visit him think: he is blind and don't see anything. Imagin what says he to his friends and family about his visitors.

    I'm sure, touching the "backs" is only a sort of joke for him. Has nothing with the "forcasts"


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