Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't beleave in autosurf programs

I don't know if it will be possible to write now or the connection goes out. I try.

As I said, I had to repristin all the pc-system because it don't works. There are many possibilities why it happend, but befor I did it I had alarm- messages that one file of the memeìory is damaged.

These messages I have from the time when similar message I became from a site running in autosurf program I opend. And after that message the PC was off. So I think it could be one of the sites running in the autosurf program I used.

It's not the first time for me. When I buyed my PC I tryed to earn money opening emails with publicity. I don't remember in the moment how they are called. I have not time now, if the connection is off, I can't write more.

So my work was to open as more as possible mails and companies had to pay me for it. Nobody gave me a penny, but not this is what I write about now.

I want to say, there were some of them that regularly had sites with viruses -or what it is I don't know. I was the first months near PC and had grave problems every month with them. Than I understood, what programs were that gave me those sites with viruses. And did not opened them more.

Later I had some sites with autosurf. And had the same problem: from time to time they make run sites with viruses and they distruct your PC. So after some experiences I understood WHO was the reason of my sufferings and did not opened a program with autosurf more.

Time passed and I forgot about it.
One friend said me about an autosurf program and I signed up and did run it for some days till that message came out.

Now I ruined my day to repristin the PC that doesn't want work more.
Hope I can submit this post now. And hope I can to work from tomorrow.

Dear friends, don't believe in autosurf programs!!!!


  1. is there one one to get paid from the, etc... paid to click , and ptr programms? please send those are real or fraud. to my mail id

  2. Dear Kumar, yes, those are the programs. If you want to read about these and other scams, open here on the right in the Categories "Monetize" and see the very first posts. I wrote many times about it and with all names of companies and all other scams you can find there.

  3. I hope your pc problems can be solved as soon as possible. Can't you get technician to clean or repair the pc for you?

  4. Thank you, Fatiah, unfortunatelly I can't. It's necessary to send it in Milano and then to sent it back here. .. And then nobody can say, that the machine turns back better as it was. I had this problem with my sewing machine.

    The PC works a little, than it turns off and than turns on. The same with the internet.... Patience...


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