Monday, November 26, 2007

New "fruits" in my garden

Sunday morning had to be the same as all sunday mornings in our quiet natural life. Normally we stay home and do everything what is necessary. There is always to do if you want to do something. Animals, garden, household... And if you don't want to do anything you can sit in a sunny place or for the fireplace in the evening...

Oh, you know, I dreamed this life from my childhood. When I read the part of V. Hugo's book "Les miseables" adopted for children describing mother with 2 girls for the door of the village house. My relatives lived in the city and later I lived always in great cities too. And I thought, this village life was very beautyful.

The God was so good with me, He gifted me this possibility.

Returning to our last sunday, I had to repair and to shorten about 10 trousers of my husband, so I was very busy with this work from the morning.

My husband went to do what is necessary for our hens and than wanted to clean the earth from weeds. After a while he returns sooooo happy, so happy with a pail...
-What do you have? I asked him
Honey fungus! He found honey fungus!

Oh, yes, it's an other fruit of our earth. The only problem is that the earth is without a fence and all his, my husband's, kindred steel all mushrooms that grow here (ot only, sincerely). They come early in the morning and gather everything they find. So, we are happy if we find something alive there.

I don't like to eat mushrooms, my husband does. So he has a period of great happyness now. Everyday fresh mushrooms to eat.


  1. You are busy Liudmila and sewing too! I haven't start sewing for you 3 commenters but I hope to complete by Xmas.

  2. I don't like sewing sincerely. I have not fantasy for it. The good God created me without it, unfortunately. So, I do it only if somebody threated me with a gun. :)))

  3. are so funny. If I ever got the money to visit you, I bring a gun along and make you sew patchwork.

  4. Now when I stay alone home, maybe I'll have more time for sewing too. And I feel inspired be you and other friends, so maybe I'll do something more. I have not children and nobody for whom could be interesting to do something. And for me... I don't need it.


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