Friday, November 23, 2007

Close Combat Training

I like martial arts and I have ancestral ideas about the place of the man in the society. That is why I write with pleasure about the site I present you today here.

The site is about Captain Chris Pizzo and his Close Combat Training system. What is it you can learn better, visiting the site. I'll tell you in some words that it's a method of self-defense, proven effective for everybody, and is the system of World War II Close Combat.

Captain Chris Pizzo has 5 black belts and is
U.S. Army Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Officer. In the articles posted in the site you can find many interesting information about the problems that can meet the simple person in his/her life, when he/she has to defend himself or his family or friends. Chris explains that the belts are often unuseful in the real situation of self-defence -read more in The Truth About Martial Arts.

Visiting the site, you will find interesting quitzes to check your knowleges in martial arts and if you know the 8 laws of self-defence. There are videos with Captain Chris' Close Combat in action. The articles explain the necessity to know how to defence but if you have doubts else, videos are there to give you examples of what you will learn.

So, visit to see finally that this system is for you too.

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