Monday, November 26, 2007

Cultural attractions in Berlin and Vienna

It's interesting for me to arrive finally to write about main cities of Germany and Austria -Berlin and Vienna. Why? Because I studied many years German language and one of the subjects was their geography and tourist attractions.

The territory of Germany was divided in 3 parts in that period and the city of Berlin, one of these parts, was divided too. Many places remember you that times in the modern Berlin, the most known is maybe Brandenburg Gate. Not far from it is situated the Reichstag, historic parliament building, built in 1889. Restrucured, it became the most impressive government building in Europe.
There are many hystorical churches in Berlin like the German Cathedral and the French Cathedral. For those who loves music the most important visit will be the Konzerthaus where were the greatest Weber, Paganini and Liszt.
If you are interested in the nightlife, your way is to the Hackesche Höfe. And if you like modern cities, visit Potsdamer Platz. Find your Hotels in Berlin visiting
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Vienna is Austria's capital. It's the greatest city and alive legend. Here you can find splendid imperial sights and traditions, you can be involved in it's cultural events or maybe you prefere visit it's famouse coffee houses and wine taverns... Vienne has it's special charm.
The city has so many museums and galleries of international reputation, here lived and worked greatest composers of all times like Strauß, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. Here you can find greenspace and recreational areas such as the Wienerwald, the Prater and the Donauinsel too.
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  1. You are an amazing linguist. I wish I knew how to speak multiple languages as well. I do hope, one day, to visit Berlin. When I do, I'll consider these choices :)

  2. :))) maybe we'll go together there...


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