Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Positive thinking" or "joy of the life"

What do you think when you see laughing faces in the publicity spot?
This is my research and I would be very greatful to you if you answer my question.

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#1903What do you think when you see laughing faces in the publicity spot ecc?

i'm happy with them and believe them

i'm happy with them and believe them

bother  to see this falsity

bother to see this falsity

I don't see them at all

I don't see them at all

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What I want to understand in the last weeks is how to be happy.
Yes, I know. Don't laugh. It's a very serious thing.

Everybody of us can be happy. It's a question of our mind, I wrote about it many times.
There is a great science that studies our mind at least 3000 years and it's buddhismus. They have many important advises and practices to do ecc. But it's difficult for us in our everyday life to follow this hard work.

It's difficult to change our behaviour first of all.

Today I want to stop thinking about only one question. Why "positive thinking" is pratically impossible to reach? And what to do in this case?
Oh no, my dear, I can think "I'm millioner" from te moning to the evening for entire years but I'll never become it really. With thinking. I'll reach only depression, agression ecc ecc.
Am I not right?

So I thought there is an other way. Begin with our instinct of survival.
The "joy of life".
Pls, answer the other question: what is that provokes in you this feeling?

The scientists say it's the capacity to feel like a child.
In fact, children of all species are naturally happy.
They have not responsability, they have not to fight for something (beh...) they feel safe and protected by relatives, they don't have to think "how will juge my behaviour or my clothes my friends, my chef, my neighbour"...

What do you think about it?


  1. Maybe, there's no need to think at all. Just live our lives!

  2. Sometimes is unpossible simply to live. In fact, if you do this experiment: in a great city go in the street and look in the faces around you.

    As for you, will happy person take a gun and shoot his family, his classmates ecc?

    As for you, can it happen in one day that a person comes to this state of soul?


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