Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last thoughts about autumn

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Унылая пора очей очарованье...
It's impossible translate words of a genius: sad/melancholy/cheerless eventide (season) eye's charm/fashination... -archaic, poetic language.

Everything is finished, all tourist and children attractions are closed. It's raining and the sun comes out rarely. -Autumn is the picture of the sadness. I like it, this sad season. I feel it in a different way.

Everyting is quiet and relaxed after too hot temperatures in summer, all colours are so nice for the eye and the sun seems to be caressing. The autumn in Russia id different as in Italy. Colours of the plants are yellow. In Italy you will find all spectrum of green-red-yellow, because the nature in Italy has a sort of a second spring in september.

Don't you like these photos? Are they not similar to the pictures of the great Levitan?

My favourite plant in autumn is maple. I like the flavour of it's leaves, rustle of them under my feet...

But rains don't alow to stay too long in the street. You are right. It's a sad season.

And today these are the last words of good bye for autumn, because it is finished even in sud of Italy.
Addio, my autumn!


  1. Autumn is beautiful! I wish I experience the real autumn. Normally, I am only free to visit other places in winter and the trees then are so ugly and lifeless. At one time, I visited Iran and I was told it was end of Autumn. Leaves were yellow then, but I was looking forward to orange leaves. So, I am still not sure if I have experienced autumn!

  2. Don't you have a real autumn at home? Maybe as in Italy: good season and bad season. November-dicember and july-august bad seasons when everything is dead ( VII-VIII I too).

    Today I planted the seems of low pine. Hope it will grow...

  3. Yes, Autumn is wonderful. But again it all depends where one lives. There is no autumn in the countries near equator. I lived in South West Asia for long time and did get to experience autumn and falling of the leaves. But there are no pretty maple trees as in Europe or North America, where color of tree leaves becomes all shades of red, orange and yellow. Too pretty.

    I am in New Zealand now, the autumn begins in April or May! It is pretty but still it can never match the beauty of North American or European autumn.

    The pictures were beautiful. The last picture with the maple leaves nearly stopped my heartbeat. ;-) Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I'm happy, Ember, to remember you these nice emotions. Thank you for so beautiful description and for linking to my post. These period is very rainy, cold here in Italy and I feeled warmer to review today these photos with you too.

  5. We don't have the 4 seasons here, just dry and wet season. Now, it's wet and rains all afternoon!


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