Saturday, November 10, 2007

Modern person -important dates, read pls -3

This is the last of my "depressive" psychological posts. But it's very important for us, who live and work with internet.

One of the newspapers published a report of an psychologist about the visitors of a very popular dating site (a site where persons look for a partner). When I read it, I thought it is the same theme I found befor and wrote here in my previous posts about.

Here are the dates form this report.

This psychologist was engaget by the site to study the visitors and their behaviour. He analyzed the profiles of the visiors and contacted many of them (in some years, I don't remember how many) and offered them to be his partner (he wrote he is a man for those who looks for a man and a woman for those who looks for a woman).

There are more men then women among the members of this site (normally statistics says there are more women looking for men then men looking for women)

The middle age of the visitor is 26

Men look for 21-25 year women. If you have about 30, your shances are very low, if you have more then 30, it's pratically unpossible sombody contacts you.

Women think they have to wait that somebody contacts them. They live their profile and wait. But once contacted, women are more active. They write more messages (9:12), offer more "possibilities" in their messages and look for immediate real contact.

Men look only messages exchange -mostly. Many of them are married and have nothing to do at work near computer. Great part of them are manager. Only 1% of workers and 1% of army officers. There are even persons with very great salary, but in this case they say to women they are simple managers, they look for somebody who will love them not for their money and if they want to meet the woman, they go in a fast food to control her.

Very interesting is the next part.
There are many prostitutes there. They don't write it open even if they can. Only the second message they send will contain this peculiarity.
And....... there are incredible quantity of those who sells Herbalife and other things like those. They look keywords in the profile like "I'm interested in healthy food, life" ecc and begin to send hundreds of messages.

Finally the most important appeal of psychologist.
He was particularly interested on persons that wrote in a special way. Psychologist says, there are special knowleges that put a psychologist on guard, when he speaks with a person. So he studied wih great attention these cases. And he says: 1:3 of this site visitors have more or less grave psychological problems. In the times befor internet this persons would finish with suicide, says he (there are not names of diseases). Now they find the solution for their problems in the sites like this. Be very attentive and careful -this is the conclusion of this psychologist.


  1. He could be right. Although, I have some doubts.

    People uses the internet as a medium to meet other people because it is popular and convenient. But to construe that these people are 'sick' is quite unfair.


    Nice blog here.


  2. Sometimes I think in this way too, because there are soooo many scams,people with bad intentions. I, not somebody else, was a victim of a group of Nigerian internet-criminals 2 years ago. And those spam-senders and men that look for I don't know what -can you understand sex and relations via internet and telephone? I not. Maybe because I'm a woman. Will normal person look for these sort of relations? So, I think, the appeal of this doc is an important thing for those who don't understand it. And there are many persons that believe to everybody.

    But internet is a great thing too. Could I have friends all over the world some years ago?


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