Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sponsored review's problems

In 2,5 weeks that I was away from internet happend something new in the circle of my friends-bloggers. I open the blogs and find pratically ONLY sponsored reviews. The beautiful and interesting very personal blogs are full of only sponsored posts now. Nothing to read, nothing to see.

Don't worry. I'm not a moralist. More: I like to read intelligent reviews and sometimes look for them, when I need something.
You know that I write reviews too. From marz. I need work and it's the only possibility to work available in my zone.

Said this, I repeat: it's very sad that very interesting blogs become only review-blogs.
I hope it's temporary and these persons return to their normal way to write. Hope.

Once, when I began to write reviews, I read in one specialized site the rules to maintain the blog interesting for visitors: you have to write 1 sponsored post and 3 your personal posts. I thought, "it's not good" at that time, but I did always so. 1:3. Control my blogs if you don't believe. Today I understand: this rule is very intelligent. With this proportion you maintain your own face in your blog.

Terry in his Getting Carried Away wrote today that there are themes that he would never touch in his blog, gaming for example. I think he was inspired by my sponsored posts about casinos. I think, he has right: everybody has his/her moral breaks. No, so: everybody has to have moral breaks. In my case I would never write about violence in every apparence or about porno ecc. But gaming in it's normal condition is not a crime neither illness. So for a normal person read about casino or maybe try once can't be something grave. That is why I think it is not tabu for my blog.

Ehhh... those are thoughts of this day.


  1. Hi Liudmila,
    For me, porn is a huge NO-NO on my site. Violence, well, it is quite subjective. I have a lot of violent WORDS thrown my way, mostly from people I care about esp. when I came out with my eating disorder

    Thank you so much for sharing :)

    P.S. I've edited my comment settings esp. for you. I've gotten rid of the word verification thingy ;)

  2. Thank you very much for understanding. It's really very great problem for me, those "control words". I don't see good, than I need sooo much time to find them on the keyboard... Sometimse I have to do it more and more befor I can post finally the comment... :(((

    About violent words... I think they are useful sometimes. But they take negative energy too. I'll write a post about an interesting research in Lazy Yogi this days.

  3. If one likes to write, then I think one should write about anything. The casino thing, I wrote that too. I don't really like to promote gambling but then I thought, maybe, we can give our views on gambling. People will gamble whether you say it's good or bad, so, you might as well caution them. Same thing with pornography too. You can write about why it is not to be encouraged. Only then will there be a balanced view.

  4. :)))
    Yes, you can write it, it's not problem. The problem is: will the advertiser pay you for a post like this? Maybe not.

  5. Sorry I didn't get in here earlier - I've been so busy writing paid reviews... hehe :-)

    I have to put the record straight here - the casino thing I wrote about was only meant to be about my Honest Way blog. That's because I want to keep that blog free of certain subjects - gambling fosters dishonesty, so it goes against the grain of the site, which is honesty.

    However, I have no problem with writing reviews about casinos in OTHER blogs.

    I created 2 blogs about 3 months ago whose sole purpose for existing was to get a decent PR so I could use them to make money. Their titles are Make Money, so their themes are also make money. They were designed that way and I'm blatantly using them to write a lot of paid reviews about anything to do with money and even some things that are not. For those blogs, their job is to make money for me. Nothing more.


    So that I can return my Honest Way blog to having better, more informative posts. When the other two blogs are fully accepted by PayPerPost, they will take most of the reviews and The Honest Way will once again become my main blog for talking about honest ways of making a living online.

    Hope that sets things straight!

    Terry :-)
    The Honest Way

  6. You are right, Terry, all us, we have to reach our pick in one way. You found this. And it's very intelligent. For my opinion. You know, what I think in these days: we have to find other ways too. One way is not very secure. I speak about blogging. As any investiment, it has to have different parts...... But what parts?


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