Friday, November 09, 2007

Modern person -2

The second was an important italian newspaper that writes about very popular urban disease.

Many persons in the cities are completely lonely. They live in the middle of great quantities of people and are solitary.

I think it is not only about those who lives alone. There are many of us who is alone, living and working with others. Somebody said: the worse solitude is if together with your partner.

I can confirm, when I worked in the school, I had really not time for social relations. I even visited one club from time to time, but it was not better. There was not cordiality and friendship there, only competition for this or that question. I had friends there, but it was not a group of friends, I want to say. Everybody for him/herself. Not as in the time when I was a puple: we, children, had our groups of friends, our relatives had their groups of friends... Maybe it's a normal nostalgy for passed times from my side?

Every year I read different articles about persons dead in their flat in a many-flat-houses and remained there even for years without somebody remembers of them. One dutch man became a mummy befor something happend with his credit card. An italian man had a boxer, that eated the face of his master after his death from hunger befor he was found. The dog cryed for many days but nobody payed attention.

And now medical research.
Every year increase depressions in the cities. Those help to increase the number of schizophrenics. The sale of antidepression tabs is higher and higher from year to year. And those are official dates, says the researcher, real dates are more and more grave.

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  1. It's good having you back even though your post is quite depressing. I feel sad to see the trend that many do not bother what happens to their neighbors.


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