Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cause of death

I looked for something not so depressive as the thoughts of this morning, but found these photos. Reconstruction of the face of Tutankhamun. The official cause of his death (19 years old) today is infection on the broken leg.

I remembered when I visited the church and cimitery in Leningrad in Lavra, where there were burried many members of zar and noble families (about 1800, don't remember more precise). I looked at the age of one of the zar doughters. She had about 19 years when dead. The second tomb had the same age (more or less). I was interested in this fact and controlled many tombs of that cimitery. It was strange, but really MANY of the women had this age when dead.

I began to speak with older women about this fenomen. They told me: it's true, many women not only in the anticity but about 50 years ago (1900-1940) could not survive more than 20 years. It remained in the memory of the families. What was the matter of their deaths? They had "stomach-aches".

I thought: how was it possible? We know so many interesting facts about miracles of the antique medicine.

You will remember surely about this skull found in South America in 1960th made from entire cristal and with unknown technologies (you know that the "model" was a girl?). Somebody says it was used for medicine (one of the skulls was gifted to researcher by an tibetan monk that used it to heal others) and works trough psyche of the person (there are notices that one of the owners of one of the skulls was healed from the cancer (?) in the head).

In the Museum of the Hystory of Medicine in Riga there were photos of the trepanation of the skull that DO without any anesthesia ecc aborigens of Australia (today too).

Archeologists found remains of a worrier in Sud America that had an incredibly great healed wound in his scull too AND after that trepanation and healing, when the modern man remains invalid for all the rest of his life ( not soooo great wound, eh) that man was able to go in the battle!

Now I remembered you only some of these miracles.
It's strange to know about these 2 poles of the existance in that period.

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