Thursday, November 08, 2007

Modern person: what happens? -1

I found some different articles in different newsletters in different languages, but I think they have the same psychological problem as the base. So I decided to write about it here to hear your opinion about them. I think our society is very ill.
Here I post the first part of these 3 events.

Some years ago I met a woman in a municipal library. I asked her to help me to find info about Soka Gakkay groups (these are japanese buddhist philosophy groups all over the world). This woman wanted to demonstrate to me the benefits of joining to catholic groups. She said: christentum is our religion and we have to maintain our roots. Interest for other religions is a great mistake.

She asked me to come to a meeting of all different groups with catholic phylosophy. I thought it had to be interesting and went there. In this way I knew about problems of modern catholic church.

First of all they spoke that modern persons don't want to go in the church. The only reasons to visit the church for them are birth, christening, marriage and death. In the periods between them persons don't remember about church. That is why the main task for all us, said bishop, is to go in the families, in the houses.

Sincerelz I donßt know if itßs true. Mz husband told me, the director wanted to organiye an interrupted circle in the fabric. Thez had to work all dazs, but there were more free days for workers, less working hours and higher salary (for sundays and saturdays). The workers didn't want this circle, they wanted to stay home sunday. Why? Because they have to go in the church.

I remembered all this today, because I read about an important meeting of priests. There were some interesting arguments there.
Not only normal persons do not want go in church today.There are less and less priests.About 30 of them leave their work every year and there are not new priests to change them. Young men don't want to do this work more.
Those of them who come in church, don't see it as a Mother-church. They don't want to go where the church sends them, they want to do what THEY want.

And at the end the same appeal as years ago: the church has to go to the people, enter in the families, in the houses...


  1. This is not something new. Even in my country, the born again especially will come knocking on doors to catch stray sheep. A teacher I know even preaches to her students and belittle their religion too. I think the person who go round preaching is probably not satisfied about life, when he or she does this, that would probably brings a feeling of satisfaction that something worthwhile had been done and I do think the sense of power and dominance plays a role too. Otherwise, what is the meaning of life? Just the other day, I read a blog somewhere about this matter, where a preacher went round preaching to strangers and was told off by a youngster. People thought the youngster was rude. He was no doubt but the preacher is rude in not respecting other's privacy too and I do think, they should have thought of the youngster's parents too since I am sure, they wouldn't want their kid to be influenced by a perfect stranger. If I can get hold of the link, I'll pass it to you. Meanwhile, good nite.

  2. Sincerely, I don't like this "agressive" type of publicity too. But in sence of these 3 posts about modern persons I think this work could make great thing. He, priest, maybe could help to solitude persons to receieve more attention. What is the problem of all us? We want attention to our personality. Nothing more. All this depressions, agression ecc ecc negativity is nothing else as request of attention. We have not attention even from our mothers and fathers. This is the main problem of modern society, I think. Everybody closes more and more inside. And outside gives only negativity. So, I think we need attenton. But not agressive attention. Every negativity is bad.

    I think.


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