Monday, November 26, 2007

My incredible Christmas tree

Maybe you will laugh, but on the photo you see my desiderable, my fabulouse, my best of all Christmas Tree.

When I was a child, we had not soo many fruits in winter as they are available in all supermarkets today. So when we went to the school feast or to the feasts in the working place of our relatives, we became a gift-pack with mandarines and very expensive chocolates. Till today the profume of mandarines is those of Christmas for me. And this "Day" begins when mandarines are ready to eat and lasts till I eat the last one.

Every day, when I go to the henhouse and open my dog, I have a sciamanic ritual.
I go round the tree, inhale this profume, take one of the mature fruits and eat it... continue to go round, take mandarines and eat... My feelings are as a mix of memory, taste and profume....

Have you sciamanic rituals too?


  1. That's strange. Only half your christmas tree has fruits. YOu must have eaten the other half in your ritual!

  2. ;)))
    How could you understand it? I hoped nobody will see it... ;(((


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