Friday, November 23, 2007

Patchwork toys as the best gift for everybody

In the blog of Fatiah Sew My Name I read about her love for patchwork (Quilter’s Weakness) and about her wish to make and to send gifts to some friends.

So I told her the story of my "henhouse" I made for Pasqua. I had many guests that year and... those good people, everybody who came to me of different ages and sex, loved my hens and their coock soooooo much that nobody wanted to go away without one-two of them.

Here I tell you what to do and how if you like the idea. I did even the video. It's my first video, so don't juge it too hard.

Now you need only some peaces of material for patchwork (something to throw), some bead maybe, if you have them, thread. Click on the photo to have greater size.

My hens are from 1 piece, but you can sew 2-3 colours to have hat-face-cloth. Or if you like to sew clothes for dolls, make nacked doll and clothes for it. It will be more complicated, but more interesting for girls. Everybody likes unusual things and more unusual as those...

Related photo you can see in the post Plush mice that you can find in PetMonologues

For those who wants to earn with own work
PM had sent me this address where you can sell your handmade work. Thank you very much, PM, you know there are many women that need to know that they can do it.


  1. Awwww, the hens are so cute. And quite special as they are personalized. The vidoe was fine BTW :)

  2. :)))
    ah, you like them too... It's great you live far from me... :)))

  3. Thnks. It's cute and easy to do and I also have beads. Now we can see your creative side too. And the video is ok but you should speak so I can hear how you sound.

  4. Now I'll begin to learn to make videos... After I learn to write articles maybe.


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