Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Top USA online Casinos

The site I write about this evening is something new for me. I'd never wrote about casinos else. It was interesting for me to study the site I present you here because I could learn many info about this life .
Ladies and gentlemen, go to and look what you can find there:

First of all this is a free guide for those who wants to find safe and funny place to play online. It is only for US players. But it is interesting for persons from other nations to learn the theme. And there is a page with general information, affiliate programs -I write it for those who is interested in them, and a list of casinos. To find this page you have to open "Site Map" and "Resourses" there.

The design of this site is very simple and clear. I've seen some casino's sites and did not like them for navigation that was unpossible to understand. Here everything is very clear. You open the homepage and see the list of top 10 casinos online according to different criteria. What is important, there are not only bonuses and payout% but reviews of the sites and comments of what is the best on this or that site too. You can pass directly to the casino you are interested in, and it opens in an other page -little but very comfortable peculiarity.

So, if you are interested in, this is a good help site.

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