Monday, November 19, 2007

Manipulating our mind

So many times I wrote about in this blog and in other blogs -I feel very bad to see and to hear how everybody wants to manipulate our conscious and uncoscious parts of mind.

Great specialists sell themselves to first who offers them money. They know what they do -and they don't think a minute to partecipate in this crimes (story about a psychologist that did a mad from a dislexic child) .

Today I found an article that analyzes our behaviour, tricks that are used to manipolate us and the ways to avoid this dependence. Here I want to write a sort of summary. striking appearance, polite smile, friendly winking of a charming person -and we believe him/her. And do what they want from us. We unconsciously choose this person as our friend. And forget, that not everything what glitters is gold.

Second person we believe is reach and very popular. Unconshiously we think, this person has no reason to lie. He/she has all and he/she sincerely wants to learn us to become reach and famous. We don't think how many money those persons need to pay all these cars, houses, clothes -and where they these money have to take.
One question that destroys our existance: am I worse as he/she? I can do it too.

Third person is an "expert": if this expert buys this product, he knows what he is doing, we think. We see this expert clothing uniform of the meditian ecc. And we never think to go to a real expert to ask him his opinion.

And finally an interesting thing I noticed too: we don't like to change a product. But the quality of what we buy is from day to day worse and worse. And this is not our imagination. It's really so. Important is to make us buy the first time. Or if we have to buy 2 different products (shampoo and balsam) they have never the same quantity so that when one is finished, we have to buy the same because second of them is not finished yet.

Didn't you recognize yourself in this examples?


  1. I think we should learn to look within ourselves. Many times, people look out to other people, getting attached to them, merely because they are lonely or they are looking out there for something to fill up their own empty lives. If we realise that this is a futile way, then we don't get cheated that easily. Many times, we allow ourselves to be cheated by others. We have only ourselves to blame. Why not live with our own selves happily and peacefully. I believe it can be achieved.

  2. I agree, that we have to be more conscious about what we are doing and what we really need, but fast always we are absent-minded (good word) and this is what specialists use so as they want, I think. And then our instinkts too. They are difficult to control.


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