Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Would you go to Spain?

Did you know that Spain is one of 3 most visited countries in the world? No? It's because you did not think enough about this country. So, now we'll try to correct this our mistake.

If you read my posts about modern persons, here you will find the medicine for this illness: Spain is a country noted for "joie de vivre" of her population. Think about it's local fiestas and traditions.

Spain has it's
Muralla de Ávila, that is less famouse that chinese but not less spectacular, and many other similar buildings like Torre de Bujaco ecc. Hystory of Spain, reach on invasions, makes her modern life so particular that everybody who goes there once, return to repeat this unforgetable trip. Look for hotels in spain here.

The second largest city in Spain is Barcelona. I don't know why but all my friends visited it this year. Maybe there is a "'flu"-virus in area... There are some particularly places there: Sagrada Familia, a "new gotic" basilica under construction else, an enormous public market La Boqueria, the Gothic quarter, the higher, medieval, part of the city and surely many other interesting places. Book hotels in barcelona.

Finally we can't avoid to speak about Madrid. This city, as they say, is situated in the center of the universe. If you see on the map, it's really the center of Spain. It has very great hystorical and cultural importance for the world and you can visit
Prado museum with it's world's finest art collection, royal palace, the official residence of the King of Spain, and certanly botanical gardens. For hotels in madrid visit this page.


  1. Spain does sound like a nice place.

  2. I learned so many interesting things about it yesterday, that I would really go there if I could...


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