Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Planning a trip with RealTravel

This time I present you a very interesting community of travellers. Real Travel is a site that is very complete trip planner with all informations you can need to have a happy trip in every place all over the world. I liked to explore it because I found there not only usual tips like "buy this", but stories written by travellers, their reviews, advises and photos.

Very easy is to discover places where you can go this time. You can browse countries and greater destinations like Asia, Sud America,read suggestions and posts in the blogs written by the persons that just visited this place and than pass to the free trip planner and finally add your own thoughts and photos about it.

Yes, because on Real Travel you can open your own travel blog and interact with other travellers. Not only with the usual posts and photos, you can make your own maps there, your photos are unlimited and you have your emails too. Imagin to have all your travel experiences in one unique place and your visitors are always "targeted visitors"! All this in one program using your trip planner.


  1. Liuudmila I have planned to start a travel blog,your suggestion will help me.Thanks for good hints to travellers

  2. This post today is a review, but I know this site for some time because I had this idea to open a blog for travellers too and it was one of the options.

    I'm interested to create my income online and this is the problem for me too: I don't know if it's possible to write sponsored reviews in this platform.

    Maybe somebody knows about it and will write here...


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