Saturday, November 24, 2007

My garden in winter

The weather is very nice this week here. After the period of anomalous cold (+6-8°C) we have favolouse warm: yesterday at 22:00 there were +22°C. And it's for 4 days. I adore this period here, in Sud Italy. Here on the hills, where the life is natural else and the area is sooooo sweet.

Yeaterday I spoke with my friend by Skype. She works now in Cechia. "It's so cold here!",says she. I told her that we eat persimmons now and promised to post some photos of the garden.

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  1. Oh! Is this your garden? Persimmons? That's wonderful. We don't have these here but we can buy persimmons from shops. We have other wonderful fruits though. Do look up

  2. Your garden looks amazing. The persimmons look absolutely yummy too :)

  3. What a pitty I don't like them...

  4. Oh! Liudmila! You don't like your garden because you have it. If you don't have it, you'll value it. Do send it by post to me if you consider giving it away!

  5. I like it! I don't like parsimons, but we have all types of other fruits. In an hour I'll post some of them we found sunday!


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