Friday, November 16, 2007

Be careful when you drive!

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I read today very sad statistics about incidents. They told particularly about some of them happend in the last period, when women-driver leaved invested children without help. That article wrote about strange woman-psyche, about strange reactions of a woman in front of a tragedy.

I feeled really sad and wanted to raise my spirit a little, so I remembered a group of interesting sites that I visited often enough befor.

Here I post some photos from these sites and some maybe from other sites that I don't remember today more. Be careful when you drive!


  1. Oh! I do have some funny cars photo from the net too and may post them later.

  2. Post them,post them, give all us the possibility to enjoy them!

  3. Arrrrrgggghhhh.......

    I'd probably cry if that happened to mine lol.........

    I don't quite get why the woman being issued a ticket is smiling lol........

  4. Those are some great pictures Liudmila, haha. Is the police giving a ticket to that lady for indecent exposure, lol.

  5. Interesting thinf, everybody likes that photo of lady with the poor policeman. That was a collection of photos about the hard life of policemen...

  6. I linked up this post of yours with mine at Beautiful world, Funny Things Can happen!


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