Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A man with a tail

I had never seen how looks the tail in a human. Here it is.

I read these days many notices about mutations. Ex. a successful surgery some days ago to cut a 2 years girl from her twining without head. Incredible mirror accrete. And today this video... It will be better if I go to sleep now. Otherwise I'll find something more interesting.

Frequency: Around 100 documented cases all around the world.

Cause: It isn´t well known. Some scientists think it is caused by a mutation of the genes that produce the cellular death that were detined to create a tail.

Description: It is observed the presence of a vestigial tail in the final zone of the sacral bone. This tail is compound of conective tissue, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, skin, vertebrae and cartilage. ( source with other anomalies )


  1. I think you want to say mutation, Liudmila! It's a terrible thing this type of mutation, don't you think? To have a tail when others don't.

  2. I don't want to see mutations as a "tourist attraction" -as it is possible to say so. For me it's interesting the fact of diversity of the nature.

    The most terrible mutations are in our mind. For example when somebody is so afraid of everybody even afraid to write in a blog own opinion with his/her own name and writes "anonimous". This is grave, really.

    And this illness to see different cosmetic problems as "attraction" passed me at 17 years, when I began to work at school. I had a pupil with mostruous face. And he loved me so much, that wanted to sit always in front of me. After some time I understood, he was a very interesting person and did not see his face as terrible more.

    Not the face makes you respect and love a person.

    The man in that video is adult and surely has his wife and children. And they love them. As husband and as father, I think. Doesn't metter, has he this tail or not.

    If you wanted to hear this from me.

  3. Oh, excuse me, I forgot to say thank you for correcting my error. I feeled that the word was not correct but could not understand what it was.
    Thank you ones more.

    To have some knowleges of different languages makes me invent new words in every language. What a pitty, the language-researchers don't know about me, I could be an interesting "bunny" for them... :))) (I think too good about myself, eh?

  4. Poor guy. :( I wonder what caused those mutations in the first place.

  5. You know, sometimes I think when I see how many persons have illnesses of different gravity: how it's possible that some of us has NOTHING?
    We do not understand that it's a greatest gift that we have in our life.


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