Monday, November 19, 2007

The most sexy man

On the homepage of MSN I read the great notice, that the magazine People published the list of most sexy men in the world. I don't want to write here the names. They are not important for me. What I want to ask: who are those persons that make these lists?
What do they do to make them? Cards? Parrot? The first person they meet when go out from the office?

We are 6 milliards on tis Earth, and there is the most sexy for everybody of us. So I imagin, for somebody "the most sexy of 2007" can be this man too. Very possible in 2008 it will be an other man, right? And what is happend with this? To change sooooo much in one year?

Maybe I'm too old all my life to understand this criteria.
For me, there are very hidden in our soul reasons to feel somebody as the most sexy.

Once I lose my head for one man (not once in the life but as example). It was an italian singer. I could never explain my feelings, but when I heared his voice, I was completely lose. If he was near me in that period and gave me a command, I would do everything he wanted.
This singer was an invalid man on the wheelchair. But for me it was not important. His main attraction was his voice.

That is why I don't understand how somebody can be the most ... only from his/her photo. Just to make a list and to create a wave of reaction...


  1. I'm with you Liudmila. It is a very subjective matter. Personally though, my husband is # 1 on my list lol. Enjoy your day :)

  2. The list of sexy man is just a game. And it's not very accurate, because my name is not in it! Anyway, it's fun to have a list like that. It gives us something to talk about and it sells magazines!

  3. I wonder who the judges for this were. Women? or Men!!!

    Ha! As the majority of showbiz types are gay anyway, probably men!

    However for things like Miss World, the judges are also nearly all men! Wouldn't it be funny if even they were hiding their real selves because they are afraid to come out of the closet...


  4. ::)))))))
    I perfectly agree with you, my dear men. First of all, "the most beautyful EVER (not only 2007) am I"
    This is the right thought,I understand!

    And about the quality of the judges I agree too. Mostly it's normal, that to juge are persons that want to compens their own state in this way.

    You made me laugh this day! Thanks!


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