Saturday, November 24, 2007

Minstrels and Troubadours

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I wanted to return to my post about the beauty of a woman, Woman from 8000 years ago till today.
I'll explain you now.

Do you know medieval poetry? Maybe yes, maybe not. I do. Not only because I have special school. When I was about 16 years old, I found a great book with translations of this type of poems.

I have to say you, there were always genial translators in Russia. Not only they did and do their work very well, with love, but often their poesy is better as original poems. I say it as a person that can read both -original poem and translation.

So, I read that book and I loved that time.
Surely you remember minstrels ( a professional entertainer of any kind, from the 12th century to the 17th -translated from latin "ministerialis" = servant) and troubadours (lyric poets or poet-musicians of France in the 12th and 13th centuries). From fables at least you know them.

So many beautyful words write they about women ( who knows how was their behaviour with real women) . Today I found a very interesing article about the themes of medieval poetry and there was this quoter from Bernart de Ventadorn (excuse me if I write the name not right)

Коль не от сердца песнь идет,
Она не стоит ни гроша,
А сердце песни не споет,
Любви не зная совершенной.
Мои кансоны вдохновенны -
Любовью у меня горят
И сердце, и уста, и взгляд.

If the song comes not from the heart
it's prize is zero,
and your heart will never sing
if it doesn't know the perfect love.
My chansons are inspired because
My heart, my mouth and my glance
are burning with love.

This way, more or less.
I thought not about love today, confess. I thought about how to learn to write articles. But these verses turned my thoughts to the romantic side.

Returning to the poetry, the songs were not only about great love and My Lady, that is "more beautiful then 40 faces of angels". Great quantity of the songs were about real life and they are from the category Satira, not Love. We are too educated and "politically correct" ( nobody can understand that these words seem to show our cretinism, not education) to accept and to show to everybody the real situation in that period.

We cry with devotion "Oh, they were so romantic!" But they write about nuns that attack men on the road, about nobles whose behaviour is similar to the porks ecc.
I don't remeber good the address of the blog with interesting collection of pics from that period (only for adults).... Maybe karma.blogspot

All together they show, homo sapience is not changed with centuries that pass. We (maybe only women?) want to find romantic ages, but the life is always the same.


  1. Hi! My wife and I loved the poem you translated. It is unique and beautiful verse. We hope the romantic ages come back to you soon.

    Peter McCartney
    Sydney Australia

  2. Thank you, Peter, sincerely, I have here only romantic, in the place where I live. :))) Hills, nature and sweet air. And cats and a dog too... ;)))


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